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Cascade System Model 1300
Cascade System Model 100

Solution Provided! If you’re spending too much time and money re-working your machined components to eliminate burr and edges in the internal and external passageways, you are not alone. The fact is, design engineers are specifying increasingly tighter tolerances all the time, and traditional finishing processes just aren't up to the task. That’s why Iowa Engineered Processes’ Cascade System is the right choice for your operations. Call us today! 319-334-7274

  • Increased productivity: The Cascade System automated finishing center can finish parts in a fraction of the time required by traditional methods and has virtually eliminated rework to eliminate burrs on internal surfaces for leading companies in several industries.
  • Reduced labor costs: With the Cascade System, nearly any machining center can be equipped to clean, deburr and finish your parts—without requiring additional workers. In many cases you can reduce your workforce.
  • Reduced energy costs: Energy efficient Cascade Systems cost pennies to operate as opposed to other options. In many instances the Cascade System can eliminate the need for a separate parts washer leading to greater energy and labor savings.
  • No part-to-part contact: You avoid the distortion, dimensional changes and damage that can occur when parts collide in process.
  • Repeatable, predictable cycle times: Because cycle times do not vary on comparable loads, a Cascade System finishing center is the ideal choice for operations using manual and automated handling or robot fixturing. You can accurately predict and schedule production operations.
  • Greater capacity with a wide range of applications: The Cascade System works well in high or volume and critical parts applications. Versatile Cascade Systems can effectively process parts large and small; heavy or light.
  • Customized service: Every Cascade System automated finishing center is developed specifically to meet particular finishing needs, so cycle times and sizes are established according to the physical configuration and weight of the parts being finished. We build to your specifications.