cascade system 100

Cascade System automated finishing centers rely on a unique, patented process that combines a controlled “Cascade” of media and liquid compound with high-frequency vibration to consistently remove burrs and other blemishes.

Parts to be finished are first manually or robotically loaded into the unit, where they are held firmly in place by custom-designed fixtures. The unit then rapidly oscillates the pieces at 3/16” while a “Cascade” of media and liquid cleaning compound is introduced to flow around and through the parts.

As the workload oscillates, the media inside each part is impacted by the part’s internal surfaces. This dynamic process creates rapid vibrations within the media as energy is repeatedly transferred from the part to the media, and the result is rapid, predictable bur removal and edge radius generation. The same process takes place on the external surfaces of the part. At the same time, all surfaces are further cleaned by the liquid constituent in the media.

In the end, even the most intricate internal passageways have smoother, cleaner surfaces than can be accomplished with conventional finishing technologies.

Demonstrating the Cascade Process

Cascade's vibratory drives are designed and manufactured by General Kinematics Corp.