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Iowa Engineered Processes Corp. has been developing and refining the Cascade Deburring and Cleaning Process for over 30 years. The success of the Cascade Process is reflected in the wide range of products processed and in the success of our customers. 1300 Cascade System automated finishing centers rely on a patented finishing process to provide fast, consistent, high-precision de-burring and cleaning of castings and machined parts-inside and out. They can be configured to handle rough or machined parts and castings from ounces in size, right up to V-8 engine blocks. Cascade Systems are on the job and saving money for some of the world's leading manufacturers.

In short, no matter what size or configuration of machined part you're producing, there's a good chance a Cascade System finishing center can speed up your finishing operations and reduce your re-work...and Cascade efficiency will allow you to drive down the cost of production. And we'd like to prove it. That's why we're offering a FREE TRIAL RUN and FEASIBILITY STUDY . After you've reviewed this information, why not give us a shot at your toughest part? We'll show you just how much a Cascade System can save your operation.

Our Cascade System is Global

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How it Works

Cascade System automated finishing centers rely on a unique, patented process that combines a controlled “Cascade” of media and liquid compound with high-frequency vibration to consistently remove burrs and other blemishes.

Parts to be finished are first manually or robotically loaded into the unit, where they are held firmly in place by custom-designed fixtures. The unit then rapidly oscillates the pieces at 3/16” while a “Cascade” of media and liquid cleaning compound is introduced to flow around and through the parts.

As the workload oscillates, the media inside each part is impacted by the part’s internal surfaces. This dynamic process creates rapid vibrations within the media as energy is repeatedly transferred from the part to the media, and the result is rapid, predictable bur removal and edge radius generation. The same process takes place on the external surfaces of the part. At the same time, all surfaces are further cleaned by the liquid constituent in the media.

In the end, even the most intricate internal passageways have smoother, cleaner surfaces than can be accomplished with conventional finishing technologies.

Cascade's vibratory drives are designed and manufactured by General Kinematics Corp.


Solution Provided! If you’re spending too much time and money re-working your machined components to eliminate burr and edges in the internal and external passageways, you are not alone. The fact is, design engineers are specifying increasingly tighter tolerances all the time, and traditional finishing processes just aren't up to the task. That’s why Iowa Engineered Processes’ Cascade System is the right choice for your operations. Call us today! 319-334-7274

    • Increased productivity: The Cascade System automated finishing center can finish parts in a fraction of the time required by traditional methods and has virtually eliminated rework to eliminate burrs on internal surfaces for leading companies in several industries.
    • Reduced labor costs: With the Cascade System, nearly any machining center can be equipped to clean, deburr and finish your parts—without requiring additional workers. In many cases you can reduce your workforce.
    • Reduced energy costs: Energy efficient Cascade Systems cost pennies to operate as opposed to other options. In many instances the Cascade System can eliminate the need for a separate parts washer leading to greater energy and labor savings.
    • No part-to-part contact: You avoid the distortion, dimensional changes and damage that can occur when parts collide in process.
    • Repeatable, predictable cycle times: Because cycle times do not vary on comparable loads, a Cascade System finishing center is the ideal choice for operations using manual and automated handling or robot fixturing. You can accurately predict and schedule production operations.

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  • Greater capacity with a wide range of applications: The Cascade System works well in high or volume and critical parts applications. Versatile Cascade Systems can effectively process parts large and small; heavy or light.
  • Customized service: Every Cascade System automated finishing center is developed specifically to meet particular finishing needs, so cycle times and sizes are established according to the physical configuration and weight of the parts being finished. We build to your specifications.

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Success Stories

For the past 25 years, Iowa Engineered Processes Corp. has been refining and improving the Cascade Deburring and Cleaning System. We research, secure and then apply the latest technology in our Cascade Systems so that you can deliver quality products for your customers.

How can Cascade positively impact your bottom line? The three links below will connect you to Success Stories of how Cascade has helped others achieve their goals. You too can achieve success with Cascade.

Check out some of our Success Stories and then call to set up your free test processing to prove out the Cascade Deburring and Cleaning System. We can make a difference in your operations and improve your bottom line.

Allison Transmissions is one of the world’s leaders in the design, manufacture and sales of automatic transmissions for trucks, buses, off-road and military vehicles. They are in this position because of their willingness to aggressively pursue innovation in the development of new concepts and to progressively address manufacturing issues.

Before Bottle Brush Bottle Brush Deburring Iowa Cascade Deburring

The Problem: Allison recognized they had a problem with the cleaning and deburring of transmission control valve housings. Allison was using a multi-staged method for cleaning and deburring parts. Their process consisted of washing and blowout, burnish, burr, and yet another wash and blowout. After this process was completed, there was a 100% part inspection for burrs, dirt and shavings. “Countless hours were spent reclaiming discrepant material.”

The Cascade Solution: Since 1991, Allison Transmissions has been using the Iowa Engineered Processes’, Cascade System to clean and debur transmission control valve housings. Allison now has a 98% “Good As Is” ratio with remaining 2% requiring only “1 rework.” Allison’s own data, as illustrated in the graphs below, relates the overwhelming positive impact of the Cascade System.

Founded 30 years ago Newcastle, UK-based Rotary Power, part of the British Engines group, is a market-leading manufacturer of hydraulic pumps and motors equipment. Its wide range of products is aimed at a diverse group of demanding applications and includes pumps and motors with up to 125cm3 displacements for the chemical and processing industries through to hydraulic motors used in heavy industry with capacities up to 16,000cm3 displacements. For Rotary Power, the quality of the finished item is paramount and the removal of burrs and other sharp edges is seen as vitally important to the manufacturing process. The traditional method of removing these features was to hand-fettle, which is both time consuming and inconsistent. “Due to the nature of some of our castings and the complexity of the cast cavities it could take up to 45 minutes to deburr one component,' says Steve Holt, Rotary Power's Production Manager, 'We also ran the risk of damaging components and, worse still, scrapping a part and losing all the value added up to that point.'” This situation was compounded in recent years by the increased volumes and the greater complexity that was being designed into the pumps and motors.

During the evaluation process it became immediately apparent that this was the right process for us,' confirms Holt. The machine has had an immediate impact on our business with productivity increasing dramatically and the previous bottleneck, caused by manual deburring, has disappeared completely. Quality has also benefited, with not one part being rejected since the machine was installed. We are now confident to issue parts from the Cascade machine directly to assembly. Throughout the evaluation process the key issues were quality and consistency, the dramatic reduction in cycle times being an added bonus.

The previous 45 minutes required to hand deburr has now been reduced to between 10 and 12 minutes, which includes the integral washing process and load and unload; although cycle times can be as low as five minutes, depending on component and process requirements. A further benefit, that also improves component throughput, is the fact that multiple components can be loaded to the simple, fabricated, fixtures.

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THE PROBLEM: Seong Shin Precision Co, Ltd. (SSP) is a South Korean manufacture of precision parts for the automobile industry. To survive in the highly competitive Korean automobile marketplace, it is imperative to consistently and economically produce high quality parts. On a monthly average, SSP manufactures 12,400 power steering pumps. SSP had been using a conventional shot blasting and hand deburring process for cleaning the pump housings. This process required four dedicated employees and resulted in a first time rejection rate of 40%. Numerous inspections and reworks were required to meet production quotas. Seong Shin Precision realized a change was needed in how parts are cleaned and deburred if they were to remain competitive, keep existing business and attract new business.

THE SOLUTION: Iowa Engineered Processes’ Cascade Cleaning and Deburring System was incorporated into SSP’s power steering pump production line and the results were immediate and profound. Utilizing robotic loading and unloading, project dedicated employees dropped from 4 to 1 and the time needed to clean and debur 12,400 parts fell from 592 hours to just 126 hours. One of the most impressive impacts was on the rejection rate. While the old process resulted in a 40% rejection rate, the Cascade System “achieved a rejection rate of almost 0%.” The Cascade System provides consistent, cost effective cleaning and deburring.

THE PROBLEM: An auto parts manufacturing company submitted a bid to build transmission channel plates for a major automobile manufacturer. A critical production problem they were having was in maintaining part flatness after the deburring process. Various processes were unsuccessfully considered…shot blasting, ice blast and high pressure systems. These alternative processes were considered operationally expensive, inconsistent and did not correct the problem of warped channel plates.

THE SOLUTION: Prototyping was conducted on 100 channel plates using Iowa Engineered Processes’ Cascade Cleaning and Deburring System. Fifty parts were randomly selected for flatness testing with results decisively showing that Cascade will efficiently, economically and consistently deburr the transmission channel plates while maintaining part flatness. The Cascade System will process 10 channel plates per each 60 second deburring.

Products Examples

The Cascade Deburring and Cleaning System can quickly and efficiently process your parts in as little as 25 seconds per deburr cycle with as many as 15 or more parts per cycle. Save money and improve quality by employing the Cascade Deburring and Cleaning System!

How can Cascade add value to your parts? Elimination of burrs and sharp edges, remove sand residue and smut from lost foam castings, polish internal and external surfaces and removal of heat scale while pinging surfaces.

Illustrated below is a small sampling of parts and deburring times as processed by Cascade.

Hyundai Channel Plate

Hyundai Channel Plate

Bobcat Manifold

Bobcat Manifold

Pump Cover

Pump Cover


Just as we are often known by the friends we keep, companies are known by the customers they keep. Iowa Engineered Processes Corp. is proud of the customers we keep.

Here is a review of some of the companies served by the Cascade Deburring and Cleaning System over the course of the past twenty-five years.

Cascade Systems is Global!

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Our System is located on three different continents and in over 9 different countries. Each pin represents a company using our product and a satisfied customer.

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