Cascade Systems

Iowa Engineered Processes Corp. has been developing and refining the Cascade Deburring and Cleaning Process for over 30 years. The success of the Cascade Process is reflected in the wide range of products processed and in the success of our customers. 1300 Cascade System automated finishing centers rely on a patented finishing process to provide fast, consistent, high-precision de-burring and cleaning of castings and machined parts-inside and out. They can be configured to handle rough or machined parts and castings from ounces in size, right up to V-8 engine blocks. Cascade Systems are on the job and saving money for some of the world's leading manufacturers.

In short, no matter what size or configuration of machined part you're producing, there's a good chance a Cascade System finishing center can speed up your finishing operations and reduce your re-work...and Cascade efficiency will allow you to drive down the cost of production. And we'd like to prove it. That's why we're offering a FREE TRIAL RUN and FEASIBILITY STUDY. After you've reviewed this information, why not give us a shot at your toughest part? We'll show you just how much a Cascade System can save your operation.


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Cascade Sales and Service Representatives are located throughout the world. Each are well qualified to help you learn more about our superior Cascade Deburring and Cleaning Process. They will work with you on the free testing of you most problematic parts and will facilitate all interaction between Iowa Engineered Processes. Find the closest Cascade's International and North American Sales Reps by visiting the contact page.

About Us

Located in Independence, Iowa, Iowa Engineered Processes Corp (IEPC) is a privately held business, incorporated in 1981.